The Safest City to Buy a Home In The United States


The world is getting crazy, or at least if you read the headlines. If you want to stay safe however, how about moving into one of the nation’s safest cities? It’s actually right in your backyard.

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One of the the fun things we’re going to start with today is some artwork getting installed in Irvine.  This is called Mercury falling and let’s flip on that slide really quick here.  So the skyloft apartments we recently installed Mercury falling a 60-foot sculpture that looks like shiny liquid pouring from atop the building’s roof.  It kind of looked like a phallic symbol or something here, but then when you roll down it actually looks pretty cool.  It’s got some blue and silver rolling down, you know I’m all for artwork.  Let’s keep things interesting and what also caught my eye were the price tags.

So this was open in late 2019, there’s 388 Studios and one and two as well as three bedroom units Studios.  It looks like are starting at $3,300 bucks a month with up to $7,700 bucks for the three bedroom.  My question is for seventy seven hundred dollars a month, would you rather buy a house that seems like a pretty solid mortgage payment right there? So let us know in the comments if you were gonna spend $700 a month, if you’re gonna blow it on rent or if you’re gonna put it into a home mortgage and start building Equity?  I wanna know which way you guys would go.  On top of that here it is, as we roll into Irvine, it was named America’s safest city for the 16th straight year and so since 2005 Irvine has consistently been named America’s safest city for violent crime per capita based on the FBI Uniform Crime reporting statistics.

So this compared to other American cities with a population of 250 000 people or more and it’s got the lowest rate of felonies that endanger victims allowing the citizens of Irvine to feel safe in and around their homes.  Not solid, so if you guys want to be in a safe City I would definitely check out Irvine.  On top of that the schools are top-notch and it’s just it’s a great spot to be so it’s had pretty solid Returns on on pricing as well.  Because being safe and it’s got good schools, there’s a lot of demand both in California and from overseas and that has kept pricing strong.  

So if you’re looking at dumping $7,700 bucks a month into something, I’d say why not check out one of these three bedroom three and a half bath units starting at 1.2 new home construction.  I mean it looks awesome, I’ve actually toured some of these homes.  It’s you know they got the great room format you’ve got a lot of the California room type feel where the you’ve got accordion doors, and you’ve got these nice balconies that are looking out over green belts. These here in the Great Park neighborhood, I would definitely check it out.  They’re building out the Great Park, it is amazing.  I go there for soccer tournaments.  I’ve gone there for concerts. They got a great ice hockey rink and they’re building more by the day.  They got the new Water Park opening so I would definitely check it out.  

If you’ve got any questions on Irvine or new home construction, please give us a DM message us we’ll get you some information on new home construction.  You definitely want to make sure you go in and look at any new homes with your agent on the first viewing uh and we’ve got a lot of good tips new home guides and stuff like that if you guys are curious but other than that if you like our content please hit the like button that’s it for today and please join us again tomorrow thanks!